About Meghan Nicole

of temporal nature
with each new breath / comes hope for release
and each new hope / brings the life we seek
and with this life / we live to break
the outcome left / will be our fate
to seize the day / to breathe, to begin
no moments lost / nor lies, nor sins
with each exhale / from within, so deep
a memory is left / and its mine to keep

Now let me make that memory permanent and put it in a photograph. I love photographing models, conceptual pieces, nature... however its that moment between 2 people which I love capturing the most. From a stolen kiss on a wedding day, to an inside joke between best friends, to the way a musician impacts their audience during a live performance, to a loving embrace between siblings.. that is exactly why I love being a photographer.

Years ago if you told me I'd become a photographer, I would have thought you were crazy. I thought my photos were absolutely horrible growing up. I enjoyed capturing the lives of my family and friends immensely, and always had a camera in hand at every family vacation and outing with my friends. However, upon developing these photos I soon discovered I had more joy in trying to capture the moment rather than coming up with a good quality photograph. I soon abandoned the idea of photography and went back to my first love, the pencil and paper.

It turns out I just really needed a good lesson in composition. I've always had a talent in drawing, and decided to pursue this talent in my first year of university. Although I enjoyed my first year studying fine arts, with what I thought of then as a major in drawing, it was one assignment in specific that really stood out in my mind, that I needed to be studying photography. A drawing assignment of all things... I had to photograph 9 self portraits to be blown up and drawn in multi media. The catch of the assignment was that I could not alter the photograph.. if I wanted to be original in my work of art, it had to be within the photo, and not altered within the drawing. I loved the challenge of trying to find interesting angles and lighting. This assignment got me hooked on photography once again. At least this time, I had composition studies behind me.

... I haven't been able to step away from photography ever since. I soon quit university and enrolled in a private photography school. Something just told me I should take this path, and I jumped into it blindfolded with both feet. And what an experience it was! From the moment I started studying photography, my view of the world has changed. I can no longer walk down the street and not notice how the light casts shadows upon the sidewalk, or reflects from surface to surface. I now find great beauty in everyday things, and am always looking at new ways to capture it; so that I can share this beauty with others.

The greatest thing about my work is I'm always growing and developing new styles and techniques. I didn't study photography to master one specific style and then make a business out of it. I am constantly pushing to learn more with every single photo-shoot I do, and love sharing these new ideas with my clients. You all are my inspiration.

Everyday I live and breathe my photography. Thank you so much for taking the time to view my work. I want nothing more than to share it with the world.

MEGHAN NICOLE is a fine art photographer & artist based out of Winnipeg, Manitoba. She is self-represented and takes clients on a limited basis. Inquire about her availability:

Bio photograph - a self portrait in the Assiniboine Forest